Fast 2K Deck, Sign and Barn Post Anchor and the Departments of Transportation

Fast 2K Stop Sign

When it comes to keeping the Department of Transportation (DOT) workers safe on the job, there is no substitute for H.B. Fuller's Fast 2K Deck, Sign & Barn Post Anchor technology. The same technology used for setting utility poles, Fast 2K is used for setting traffic signs in record time. 

DOT installing a sign with Fast 2K Deck, Sign and Barn Post Anchor. DOT sign engineers, maintenance crews, and contractors alike are concerned about how efficiently they can do their jobs, whether the work can be done with ease, and also if there are safety concerns that need to be considered for any given project.

That’s where H.B. Fuller’s Fast 2K technology comes into play.

A safe, fast, and convenient alternative

With concrete, workers are required to carry heavy bags, deal with messy mixing, and spend a much longer time on the job site waiting for the sign footing to cure. Not only is this inconvenient (as workers are then required to return the next day to ensure the concrete has cured properly), but it also exposes them for a longer period of time to road traffic, increasing the likelihood that an accident might occur — both job-related ones as well as those that result from faulty road signs.

Features and Benefits of Fast 2K Deck, Sign & Barn Post Anchor

  • Fast 2K sign anchor on road sign.A 2.5-pound bag replaces 60 pounds of concrete
  • Sets posts in 15 minutes
  • Mixes in just 30 seconds
  • No water required (ideal for remote locations)
  • No messy mixing
  • No construction tube or brackets required
  • Expands to fill the post hole
  • Patented technology

Notable Accolades

This Spring, Fast 2K Deck, Sign & Barn Post Anchor was the recipient of the $10,000 Missouri DOT “Innovations Challenge Statewide Winner” award. Not only was it the state’s preferred product of choice, but its heavy duty properties also means it will last for several years — and at the right price. Fast 2K Deck, Sign & Barn Post Anchor is a patented product and has additionally been approved by CCMC, a federal agency in Canada.

 Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Innovation award presentation.

Photo courtesy of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)

Fast 2K Deck, Sign & Barn Post Anchor helps ensure that sign installation is done right, much faster than concrete and with a higher quality. Simply mix, pour, and set.

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