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Posted 05/23/2018 by Heather Walch, Director, Global Engineering Adhesives

H.B. Fuller Adhesive Solutions for Medical Device Assembly

Whether it’s disposable objects, like syringes and airway masks, or high-end devices, like catheters and automated insulin injectors, all medical technology has one thing in common: it exists to improve and extend the lives of patients. H.B. Fuller is connecting what matters for patients with medical grade, high-performance, light-curing and cyanoacrylate adhesives for medical device assembly.

Like a Physician, We Do No Harm

At H.B. Fuller, safety is always top of mind. Our broad product line of UV, instant, and structural adhesives are certified to comply with ISO 10993 and are manufactured under ISO 13485, ensuring they are safe and non-toxic. We have solution-driven application specialists who work with our customers to find the best solution, allowing for close collaboration and real-time responsiveness.

Like a Boy Scout, We’re Prepared

We believe in always being prepared—prepared for the next med tech adhesive challenge that gets thrown our way. We continue to work with material suppliers to be certain that we have adhesives that will perform well as new materials are introduced. Plus, we gather and maintain aging data to demonstrate that our products are consistent through manufacturing, sterilization, storage, and usage. 

Like a Cell, It’s in Our DNA

Every day at H.B. Fuller, we continue to enable innovation in med tech devices to provide the right adhesive solutions—because innovation is in our DNA. We bring together our technical expertise and application experience as we prepare our customers to explore and commercialize diverse new ideas.

As we continue to partner with our medical customers early in device design and manufacturing, we successfully identify the best adhesive solutions, and work together to deliver the highest quality finished products. Our products have been used around the world in medical applications for more than two decades, accelerating innovation and positioning us as the adhesive partner of med tech designers and manufacturers.

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Stop by our booth (#1362) at MD&M East June 11-13 to get a free sample of our market-leading, medical-grade instant adhesive.


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