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The tapes and labels markets are complex and dynamic, shaped by global challenges, digitalization, sustainability concerns, and constantly upgrading regulatory legislation.

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Posted 10/16/2018 by Harsh Gupta, Regional General Manager, IMEE Region

The tapes and labels markets are complex and dynamic, shaped by global challenges, digitization, sustainability concerns, and constantly upgrading regulatory legislation. Converters need to remain on top of all these changes, and effectively implement them to meet consumer expectations. Their biggest challenge lies in supporting the global supply chain, while meeting the expectations of brand protection, sustainable packaging and labeling, information dissemination and security. 

There's more to it than meets the eye 

Apart from the traditional roles of brand image enhancement and providing information about the contents, the labeling industry also has taken up the challenge of providing security against counterfeiting of products. You may ask why and how?

According to the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), many factors are now contributing to a tremendous growth in the global value of counterfeiting and piracy, which is expected to reach $2.3 trillion by 2022 and will negatively impact up to 5.4 million jobs world-wide. Add to it global concerns like criminal financing, health concerns due to consuming fake medicines or alcohol, and damage to brand reputation, it has become imperative to develop solutions to safeguard brands.

Indian label makers have met this challenge head on, and have aligned their ‘Make Sure India’ campaign with the government’s Make in India initiative. The resulting Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA) has endorsed the importance of adding authentication features to packages and is actively promoting holograms as a frontline security feature to help consumers distinguish between fake and original products.

Holograms cannot be copied by conventional reprographic, and holographic labels can be easily applied to a wide variety of substrates and products, are durable, and have a high aesthetic appeal, thus making them a versatile, cost-effective and ideal method of authentication. According to ASPA, more than 25 states in India are currently using security holograms to authenticate liquor bottles.

In this world of competition and ever-increasing demands from a product, how can a label producer stay ahead of the game?

Good news! Some things are still the sameH.B. Fuller team in India.

The tapes and labels industry in India showed a distinct slowing down in the post demonetization and GST implementation months, though the resulting strengthening of the organized sector has helped the industry retain its optimism for long-term growth. But staying ahead of the game now needs tighter measures, cost re-structuring and innovative solutions. How can H.B. Fuller support you in your initiatives?

At H.B. Fuller, we understand that supporting the labels industry in India means creating PSA solutions for a wide range of substrates that allow film clarity, clean label conversions and offer innovative solutions to the unique challenges posed by India’s ambient conditions.

For this purpose, our teams in India are backed by H.B. Fuller’s global network of scientists and technical experts. Be it hot melt PSAs devised at Lüneburg Adhesive Academy in Germany, or solvent-based PSAs at our specialized facility in Italy, or water-based PSAs formulated using in-house polymers in Portugal, , the Indian facility can provide for all kinds of labeling needs under one umbrella. With our state of the art manufacturing facility, the recently expanded R&D center in Shirwal and the new business office in Pune, we are committed to support our customers within the country and wider Indian subcontinent.

Visit us at Labelexpo India 2018 to experience firsthand the power of collaboration and learn how to leverage our global expertise for your success. Meet our business leaders at booth B23, Hall 1, and discover how selecting the right adhesive can optimize the production cost and value for your products made in India.


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